Zach Jensen

Zach Jensen
Marketing Advisor

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I am an advisor to purpose-driven individuals who desire a better quality of business and life.

Now, what does purpose-driven mean?

It simply means that you are in business for a larger mission than to maximize your bottom line. A fat bottom line is a great goal, but it needs to be aligned with an exciting vision. Here's the kicker; without a healthy bottom line, your organization cannot continue your mission. 

That's where I come in!
I develop digital marketing strategies so that businesses like yours can continue to grow and do what you set out to do.

How can I help you?


More questions about 'purpose-driven'? Contact me or read my article for more clarity. 

Who is Zach Jensen?


Quick Facts

Born and raised: Green Bay, Wisconsin (Go Pack Go!)

Graduated from: University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS)

Passionate about: business growth, psychology, personal growth, lifestyle design

Enjoys: the outdoors, drinking tea, being out on the water, reading



Born in Wisconsin. Living in Colorado.

Growing up I played a few sports but nothing got me more excited than getting lost in the woods at the cabin or spending time with friends out on the bay (of Green Bay).

Due to our love for the outdoors and adventure, my then girlfriend (now my wife) and I figured we would try out Colorado for a while. I attended UCCS and graduated with (a mouthful) a Bachelor of  Innovation in Business Administration with an emphasis of Marketing, a cross-core of Engineering Technology, and a minor in International Business (she is an RN in case any of you were wondering). We miss our family and the large bodies of water that Wisconsin has to offer so we are heading back soon.

I believe my calling is to help improve others' quality of life and I am currently doing so by offering marketing and personal development services and insights to individuals that are looking to improve their quality of business and life.

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