Marketing Consulting

Need help with your business and its marketing strategy? I'm your guy.

Here’s my mission: Improve the quality of life for others.

I’m out for the masses here.

Here's my plan: help purpose-driven individuals improve the quality of their business, and therefore the quality of their life, as well as the quality of life for their customers and employees.

Why am I here?

As a marketing consultant, I have the opportunity and ability to improve businesses.

I believe in the positive power of business and that, if operated correctly, business may be a force for good. A business can affect anywhere from one life to billions of lives (This is just one business). These businesses serve their clients, then those clients can serve others (a domino effect begins). That being said, one single business has the potential to improve an exponential amount of lives.  

Idea: If I serve you, you can better serve others.

From personal experience, I have seen how business can be a force for good. My father co-founded a manufacturing business that is serving people all over the world. The products may not be considered ‘life-changing’ or ‘transformative’ but the business itself, in my eyes, is. The business provides employees with a paycheck which provides families with food, shelter and other living expenses. It also provides individuals with a comfortable and fun place to work, opportunities for growth, and many more benefits. Whenever I ask him why he started and why he continues, he simply replies "it's about the people, it always has been and always will be." At the end of the day, it is a ‘life-changing’ business.


I’m not saying that the concept of marketing itself is ‘life-changing’ or ‘transformative’ but I am saying that if used correctly, it can be.

I am here to serve you so together we can improve the lives of many.

How Do I do this?

Marketing consultancy.

I will help you reach a broader range of customers and lower your costs.

By reaching more customers, you have the ability to reach and affect more lives.

By lowering your costs, you have the ability to serve more and better which offers the ability to affect even more lives!


Like I mentioned above (many times), we’re all about improving lives here.

How we do things around here

  1. Please fill out the client application.

  2. We will begin by having a brief meeting regarding the current state of your digital presence and marketing strategy.

  3. I will then make an assessment and create a proposal of which I will send you to review.

  4. Following, we shake hands and I get to work.

  5. Then, I provide you with:

  • digital marketing strategy & plan of action

  • further training/consulting, as needed