Personal Growth

A.K.A : Personal development, self improvement, self betterment, self growth, self-this, personal-that, etc.

If you haven’t yet read my Marketing page, I’ll cover my overarching mission.

(If you have read it, sorry for the redundancy)

Here’s my mission: Improve the quality of life for others.

I believe that there are so many people living not-so-beautiful lives. I want to help change that. I believe that change starts with personal development. I think the term personal development or personal growth is thrown around a lot without a lot of explanation. So before I confuse you, here is a brief definition:

“Personal Development is the conscious pursuit of personal growth by expanding self-awareness and knowledge and improving personal skills.”

Don’t get overwhelmed! I understand this may be confusing. You may be thinking “Where do I start?” or “Why should I care?”

I am here to help.

I consider myself a personal development addict. I am constantly searching end experimenting with new ways in which I may positively grow myself. As I became consumed by this, I began reading all sorts of books, listening to all kinds of podcasts and watching many videos. One day, one of my friends asked “Zach, can you show me some of that stuff you work on? You know, the priorities and all the other stuff on your whiteboards.” (Side note: I love whiteboards. If my fiance would allow it, our room would be covered top to bottom with them like a mad scientist's’ laboratory). This got me thinking...maybe the time and effort I put into personal growth could benefit more than just my own life.


The way in which I decided to share with others is through writing. Check out my writing here

I am always thinking about how I can be more helpful but for starters I am beginning with my publication (Tha Hook).

I welcome you to check out my published articles. If you have any thoughts, questions, or recommendations, please shoot them my way!


Book I am currently reading: Grit by Angela Duckworth

Icons I am currently aspiring to be like: Tony Robbins (for his high-energy and servantship), Tim Ferriss (his effectiveness), Richard Branson (his love and passion for life, family and humanity)